giovedì 24 maggio 2007

My Fav FootBall Player: Alessandro Nest


Date Of Birth:March, 19, 1976.
Place: Rome - Italy
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 79
Kg Zodiac: pisces
Nickname: Sandro

Actor: Alberto Sordi
Actress: Demi Moore
Movie: "Il Marchese del Grillo"
Singer: Ligabue
Car: used to be Porsche; he sold it because he believed that it was too he bought a new one! (dark blue carrera with light interior)He also used to drive a black VW golf cabrio
Hobbies: Listening the songs of Ligabue, Sleeping, playing billiards (he has a billiard table at home),computergames (mainly F1 and soccer simulation games on Playstation), the internet(he enjoys surfing and chatting!), watching movies on video and he also enjoys swimming and playing tennis
Favorite Dish: Gnocchi
Lucky Number: 13
Color: he likes many shades of blue ; from babyblue to indigo. Nesta likes his team colours ...
With Love ROJA (Ur Big Fan)

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